Prevent Windows from Sleeping with Don’t Sleep Tool

Sometimes you walk over to the coffee machine and start talking with co-workers and in the meanwhile your Windows PC decides to go to sleep. Windows decides to go to the sleep mode when it sees no user activity such as mouse pointer movement, keyboard key-presses or touchscreen events. Some programs like VLC media player don’t let Windows go to sleep by regularly simulating some of the user activity events. But if you are using some other programs and want to prevent Windows from sleeping while leaving your computer unattended, then you can use Don’t Sleep tool.

Designed by Nenad Hrg, Don’t Sleep offers two features – ability to prevent Windows from sleeping and ability to assist Windows going to sleep when there is no user activity. Both of these features are providing under a different tab. It can block standby, hybrid sleep, hibernation, shutdown, logging off, screensaver, turning off monitor and more. You can also set a timer for the time when the blocking of these functions is started. Similarly, it can be made to block sleep when battery level is above a certain percentage.

Don't Sleep

For assisting the sleep of your PC, you can set the criteria like after how many minutes of no keyboard or mouse input events, it should put computer to sleep, turn off the monitor, and more. This feature is useful when you want to save power at the end of the day when leaving the workplace. Good thing is that Don’t Sleep provides all these features without making any changes to Windows settings.

Don't Sleep

Conclusion: Don’t Sleep is a portable tool that can help preventing Windows from sleeping when you are doing something important. On the flip side, it can also assist in putting your PC to sleep if there is no user activity for some time.

You can download Don’t Sleep from