How to Permanently Delete GMX Email Account

GMX email is email service that has existed since 1997 and offers free email accounts for everyone. Their service is considered one of the best by many of the users. But if you are no longer using your old GMX account that you had created decades ago, then do not just stop using it but you should delete the account. The risk in leaving your account unused is that it could be abused by some hackers if they are successful in laying their hands on your credentials.

So here is how you can permanently delete GMX email account:

  1. Login to your GMX email account and from the home interface click on My Account. Delete GMX Email Account
  2. On the “My Account” screen, click on the Delete Account icon or on Delete Account link in the sidebar.Delete GMX Email Account
  3. It will display a final warning that deleting your GMX account will delete all of your data including email messages, contacts and files permanently. There won’t be any way to recover it later. Click on Delete Account to continue.Delete GMX Email Account
  4. It will ask you to enter your GMX login password before deleting the account. Enter you login password and then click on Delete Account button.Delete GMX Email Account
  5. You will now see a message that your GMX account has been deleted. After this you will be forced to logout and now your GMX email credentials won’t work anymore.Delete GMX Email Account

GMX email service is one of the best in the world. They also provide smartphone apps for iPhone and Android. The only reason for getting rid of their email accounts could be that you have too many accounts (often teenagers create multiple accounts) and you no longer use them all. They also provide paid accounts with many more features and customized email addresses. Every account can have as many as 10 different aliases and multiple accounts can be combined into one.

One comment

  1. GMX is just another crap service, if you don’t use your account for 6 months it gets automatically suspended and you lose all of your messages with no possibility to recover them unless you contact the service center within the 7th month
    this will not happen on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…. fortunately I had saved my received files.

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