YIva : Secure Encrypted Password Manager for Windows

These days everyone has four or five online accounts at the minimum and if they also do online shopping or online banking, then the number of online accounts soon increases to more than a dozen. With so many online accounts having different passwords, it becomes impossible to remember all the passwords. Some people resort to using the same password for all their accounts or very weak passwords – both of these are very dangerous habits. Instead of resorting to these risky methods, you can use a secure encrypted password manager such as YIva.

YIva is a relatively new password manager by a developer from Finland. It provides you with secure password management features that use powerful AES 256 bit cipher to encrypt your stored passwords. The free version of the program is portable and can be used without installation. The paid premium version of the program is available from Microsoft Store in form of an App.

YIva Password Manager

The user interface of YIva is very traditional. You can use the menubar to add new entries, remove entries, encrypt the passwords etc. When you add a new entry, you have to enter basic data such as username, password, website URL, notes etc. If you are creating a new entry then you can also generate a new strong password for your use. The password can be copied to the clipboard or displayed on the screen through QR code.

From under the “Security” menu, you can choose to encrypt the passwords using AES 256 bit cipher.  The encryption requires you to set a master password. After encrypting, you must enter the master password in order to decrypt and access your stored entries. If you lose the master password, then all entries will be lost forever.

Verdict: YIva uses a very simple interface and provides some of the basic features for a password manager. It uses .NET framework, so it is not fully standalone and may fail to work in some computers. We do not recommend it for any serious use. Instead you can find much more reliable and well-designed password managers such as KeePass or Enpass.

You can download YIva secure password manager from https://www.ylvapasswordmanager.com/.