Microsoft Offers Free 4K Resolution Themes for Windows 10

Microsoft is going to release the long-waited May 2019 update for Windows 10 at the end of May. But before the release they have already made four new themes available for all the Windows 10 users. These new themes are 4K resolution ready and contain at least ten wallpapers in each of the themes.

But unlike before, Microsoft has not made these new 4K resolution themes available through direct download. You have to use Microsoft Store from where you usually download the apps of many different types. Why they have done this is not clear. There is some speculation among the experts, that because not many people use Microsoft Store and because it has become a failed experiment, Microsoft is pushing these themes through the Microsoft Store.

There are four new themes available from Microsoft Store – Light Trails, River Deltas, Fabrics of India and Panoramic Trains Views. The first theme Light Trails contains pictures of the trails left by the moving vehicles in the night. There are bridges and roads and streets where these photographs have been taken from. Of course all of this photography is long-duration exposure and makes those trails look beautiful.

4K Themes for Windows 10

Another theme, Fabrics of India, contains very high resolution images of large sheets of fabric designed at the handlooms of India. It contains some of the bed-sheets and some Indian Saris (traditional dress of Indian women). These pictures are beautiful in both the sense that fabrics are very carefully woven by hand giving some of the very fascinating results, and also in the manner they are photographed at such a high resolution.

Panoramic Train Views theme shows some of the most magnificent view as captured from the running trains. These pictures not only display the calm spotless beauty of snow clad mountains but also part of the trains as they turn and twist through these splendid locations.

Download Fabrics of India theme for Windows 10.

Download Light Trails theme for Windows 10.

Download River Deltas theme for Windows 10.

Download Panoramic Train Views theme for Windows 10.