GcMail : Free Email Client that Reads Out Your Messages

When it comes to email client software, most of the PC users know only of Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. But there are many other interesting email clients available that offer some very interesting features. For example, there is GcMail that is small, lightweight and feature rich email client. It has some measures for keeping you secure from malicious links and scripts too.

The developer of GcMail offers two versions of the email client. The latest version of GcMail is not free but an older version is being offered for free. This free version is available in portable version for your portable USB drives or for USB pendrives. They also offer an installer version that you can install on your Windows PC.

GcMail interface is very similar to that of Microsoft Outlook Express. There is a large toolbar on top from where you can access all the functions for email management. This makes it very convenient to send and receive email messages. The email messages are displayed in a window frame to the right side of the screen.

GcMail Email Client

Security wise, GcMail is very smart and can prevent the execution of harmful scripts and malicious attachments. It comes with a spam filter of its own and can easily remove the annoying spam messages that we receive everyday. For filtering the spam, GcMail uses DNS blacklist server list that contains the domain names used by the heavy spammers.

GcMail’s built-in encryption program also allows you to share sensitive information easily. The encrypted messages can be received on the other end but the recipient also needs GcMail software installed on their computer. It also supports the PGP (Pretyy Good Privacy) which is an encryption program used extensively by email clients.

GcMail Email Client

One of the coolest features of GcMail is its ability to read your messages and then reading them out loud through the TTS (text to speech) feature of Windows. You can choose the speed of reading and change the voice type of the reader.

You can download GcMail free email client from https://www.gcmail.de/en/download/ (link for free email client is near the bottom of the webpage).