MPV-EASY Player : Fast Media Player for Windows Based on MPV

MPV is a media player for all the popular platforms Windows, Linux and Mac. MPV is known to be very fast and independent media player. It supports all the media file types and features no basic GUI. It has an extended command line support and this is why it can be used for command line interface, batch files or is launched through other programs.

Basically if you want to play a video, listen to music or view an image in MPV then you will have to either give the command or drag-n-drop the files on MPV window. There is no user interface with toolbars and menubars like other media players. This makes it a tad difficult for the ordinary users to work with MPV.

Because of this a new project on Github has surfaced called MPV-EASY Player. It makes using MPV very easy. It is a media player based on MPV but offers a graphical user interface so that you can choose the media files in a much more convenient manner. Unlike the original MPV media player, MPV-EASY player is not cross-platform and works only in Windows.

MPV -EASY Player

MPV-EASY player contains the source-code from MPV project but it also adds its own features and adds a brand new graphical user interface. While in MPV it is a little awkward to select the files to be played, MPV-EASY takes care of the problem and you can access your videos, audio files and images directly from a small menu in the user interface. The controls that appear when a media is being played also look improved. Other than the improved user interface there is no difference between original MPV and MPV-EASY player.

Most of the documentation provided by the developer on github is in Chinese but using Google Translate you can have a idea that it is a MPV front-end and you can update “mpv.exe” in the sub-folder to update the original MPV player.

You can download MPV-EASY player from