Automatically Colorize Old “Black and White” Photos in Seconds

If you have some old photographs from your great-grandpa’s wedding then chances are that they are all grayscale photographs – popularly known as black-and-white photos. If you want to colorize them yourself then you can probably do so through a software like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. The only problem is that you might not make a good choice of colors that you pick to fill in different objects in these photographs – you have to be very experienced in making this judgment.

However with the help of artificial intelligence, you can colorize any black-and-white photograph in just a few seconds. ColouriseSG offers this automatic coloring service for everyone. You can visit their website and upload your grayscale photograph file there. It accepts JPEG images and since everything is taken care by the artificial intelligence, you do not have any options to pick.


In the blink of an eye, it will present you with the results. You can see your original greyscale picture and the new colorized picture side-by-side. All the colors for different parts of the image are picked by the artificial intelligence that uses deep learning technology. You are given the options to download the comparison or the the colorized image to your local storage drive.


The original image and the colorized image are not much different in the file size. The colorized image is very well colored through the use of the artificial intelligence – older black-and-white pictures from 1940’s are given vintage style color while newer pictures saved as grayscale are given modern looking brighter colors.


According to the information provided by ColouriseSG, the deep learning artificial intelligence works better on high resolution images having human subjects and natural scenery. So if you upload your cat’s pictures, perhaps it won’t work so good.

You can visit ColouriseSG website at