Nero SoundTrax : Free Audio Mixing and Editing Software

When optical disks such as CDs, DVDs were very popular, everyone had CD burning software from Nero or Roxio installed on their computers. Nero has been industry leader in the field of the optical media, but now that optical disks are no longer as popular as they once were, they are still providing some really useful software such as Nero SoundTrax. It is a free audio mixing and editing software that was formerly part of the Nero software suite, but now it is available for download for anyone who wants to use it.

With the help of Nero SoundTrax, you can record audio files (through microphone or system sound mix), add existing audio files, mix different audio clips in a number of arrangements, add various audio effects including cross-fading, and as expected you can also burn the audio projects directly to CD/DVD disks from within Nero SoundTrax application.

Nero SoundTrax

One of the most impressive feature we found in SoundTrax is the Karaoke filter using which you can remove the vocals from a song. This way you can get these music files ready for your Karaoke parties. Furthermore, you can also add your own vocal rendition of the song and mix it with the music from the original file. The filter works really great with all kinds of music files.

A music file editor similar to Audacity is included that shows the waveform for the opened sound file and allows to use various filters and effects to the audio file. The effects available include an echo in the recording, voice modifications and many more. It supports VST and DirectX based plug-ins that can be downloaded from many sources over the internet. Nero SoundTrax can export the completed audio projects into a wide variety of formats including the multi-channel audio files (5.1 and 7.1 surround sound for home-audio systems).

You can download Nero SoundTrax from