Mouse Only Keyboard : Enter Passwords with Virtual Keyboard

When you enter passwords, credit card information or other sensitive information in various online websites, there is always the risk of keyloggers capturing your keystrokes. A keylogger is a malicious program that records all of your keystrokes when you type and then sends this information over to a cyber-criminal’s server. This way all of your sensitive data gets captured by criminals sitting half way across the world.

Some web browsers such a Chrome have in-built protection against data capturing, but if you are entering information inside a Windows app, then you should always use a virtual keyboard so that your keystrokes are not captured. Mouse Only Keyboard is ideal for this, as it provides a full keyboard complete with alphabets, numerals and special symbols but these cannot be used through a keyboard. You can enter these only and only by clicking with mouse.

Mouse Only Keyboard

The small Mouse Only Keyboard window displays nine rows filled with lowercase and uppercase alphabet, numbers, and special characters. There is an extra empty row given, if you want to add your own custom characters. You can click on any of them to send the characters to a text box in the window. Once you have typed the password, you can click on Copy and paste it wherever you want to enter the password. There are buttons for space and backspace keys too. If you do not want the secret password to stay in the clipboard for security reasons then you can click on Empty Clipboard button.

The Mouse Only Keyboard window clearly mentions that this program serves only as anti-clipboard logger which means that it does not provide the users with enough protection to defend against various other types of keyloggers such as the ones that can record your screen and can capture all your activities or the ones that track the mouse movement too.

Mouse Only Keyboard is a little virtual keyboard that gives some protections against keyloggers but it is not enough. You should also install a full antivirus software such as Avast or Bitdefender for complete protection.

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