NewFileTime Sets Custom Timestamps for Files and Folders in Windows

When packaging some files together in a ZIP archive to be sent or distributed online, some people like to make all the files have the same time and date. This is done mainly for the aesthetic reason but sometimes can also help with the programs that depend on the timestamp of the files.

In Windows, you can change the time and date stamp of the files using a small tool called NewFileTime. It is a small tool designed to edit the timestamp of both the files and folders. It can modify the time and date of all the three types – the creation date & time, the last modification date & time and the last access date & time.

It has a single user interface from where you can do everything related to the file timestamps. You can drag-n-drop your files or folders on the NewFileTime window and they will be added to the list. After this you can manually set the timestamps of all three types in the controls given above the list.


You can set the current date and time, you can customize the date & time manually, you can make the files to be older or younger than the present timestamp. After this you can click on Set-Time to write the new timestamps to the files.

It has special functions like “Text to time tester” which basically converts the text that you type into timestamp and then you can use this timestamp for your files. This makes it very easy for you to set the time without having to manually settings all the parts of the timestamp like the hour, minute and second.

You can also add NewFileTime to the right-click context-menu of Windows File Explorer so that you can right-click on any folder or files and change their timestamps. This is very useful if you change the timestamp of your files very often.

You can download NewFileTime from