Quickly Access Favorite Sites with Group Speed Dial Browser Extension

All the modern web browsers have a special homepage or new tab page from where you can find all of your most frequently used websites or favorite websites. But these sites are not categorized and are shown in the order of their usage, in other words, the most often visited website will be shown first and so on.

If you want a much more ordered and categorized new tab page for your browser, then you can try Group Speed Dial extension. It is available for both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Using this extension you can create groups of website shortcuts belonging to particular category. This way you can use to keep the most important Internet sites at your fingertips.

To start with Group Speed Dial, you can click on the plus icon to create a new group. You have to give the group a new name such as “Foods” and choose how many tiles or dials should be present in the group. Typically, a group has 3×4 dials (total 12) but you can adjust this value. You can then click on each of these dials and add a website for each of this. You can also right-click to assign an already open webpage to that tile.

Group Speed Dial

For example, in the “Foods” group, you can add all the sites for online delivery of pizza and groceries. Similarly, you can create other groups such for online shopping, gaming, booking tickers, concerts, movies, downloads and more.

The extension “Group Speed ​​Dial” is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. It lets you create shortcuts for all of your favorite websites and group the similar websites together. The extension has cloud support and if you create a free account, you can then sync your favorite sites from one device to another easily.

You can get Group Speed Dial extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers from https://fastaddons.com/.