SaferKid : Parental Control App for Android and iPhone

Good old advice parents give to their young kids is – “never talk to the strangers”. This one advice can keep your kids safe from strangers having malicious intentions. Even when teachers at the school wait for the parents to pick up their kids, they allow only verified known parents or grandparents to take the kids. Keeping kids away from strangers has worked for hundreds of years in keep them safe.

But now when kids are using smartphones at very early age, those unwanted strangers are reaching your kids through various apps and websites right inside your home. For example, live streaming apps like YouNow allow just about anyone from all over the world to talk to your young teenager kids. These predatory strangers ask information such as Instagram, home address, family, and personal life from these youngsters and may impact them negatively.


If you want to protect your kids on the smartphone, then you can download and install a parental control app like SaferKid. This app works for both iPhone and Android smartphones. After installation by a parent in their own smartphone, you can add all of your kids smartphones to your account. Once added, you can monitor your kids activity – text messages they send or receive, all the websites they visit, and all the apps they install on their devices.

If you kid installs a new app that you have never heard of, then you do not have to search for it online. People at SaferKid have already reviewed more than 200,000 apps. You can just tap on the new app and view its rating to see whether that app is harmful for your kids, whether your kid is exposed to strangers, whether your kid can share videos or photos and more.


SaferKid is not free and but it provides 7 day free trial after which you can cancel the subscription. It can help you monitor your young ones’ activity online and protect them in the new world of smartphones.

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