Recaps : Open-Source Tool to Switch Keyboard Languages

Some people are bilingual or even multilingual and have to use more than one input languages on their computers. Windows operating system allows you to add all the mainstream languages that are in in the use today for input. For example, you may have English as your main input language but can also add French as another input language. Usually, you can switch from one language to another using the Alt+Shift hotkey. An icon indicating the current input language will be displayed in the notification area.

But if you want a much quicker way to switch between the different IME languages in Windows, then you can use an open-source tool Recaps. It is a very small tool and uses the Caps Lock key to do all the work. Upon launching, it sits in the notification area with its typewriter key icon. You can press the Caps Lock key to switch from one language to another. The program uses the Caps Lock key because it is the one key that is not used that often. When people want to use upper case letter they simple use the left shift or right shift key.


If you right-click on the notification area icon of Recaps, then you will see all the input languages installed in your system. You can manually pick any of them from the right-click menu instead of pressing the Caps Lock key. Other options are to see an “About” window for Recaps and to “Exit” the program. There are no settings for this little program which makes it very easy to use for everyone. In fact making it easy for you to switch across various input languages is the goal of the Recaps program and it does it very well.

Recaps is an open-source tool for quickly switching to one input language to another in Windows. It is portable and works on all versions of Windows including Windows 10.

You can download Recaps from