RoboTask Lite : Automate Repetitive Tasks in Windows

There are so many tasks that we have to carry out in our computers everyday and perhaps many times in a day. For example, some support technicians have to send the same instructions to hundreds of people by copy-pasting the canned text and modifying it a little, others have to open some windows, execute some special programs, click on certain objects and more. If you find performing these monotonous repetitive tasks every day, then you can make use of a free task automation software called RoboTask Lite.

RoboTask Lite can help you with executing actions on your computer that you have to do multiple times everyday. It can save your precious time that you would have otherwise spent on some very common tasks. In the user interface of RoboTask Lite you have to begin by adding a new task. In this task, you can add or define many actions and event triggers. Logic is simple when the triggering events are met, the respective actions will be executed.

RoboTask Lite

In the actions, RoboTask Lite offers virtually everything that can be done in a Windows PC – run programs, display dialogs & notifications, perform file operations, compress or expand archives, retrieve or put data in the clipboard, move the mouse pointer, perform automated clicks and more.

Similarly, you can choose the triggering events like hotkeys, tray icons, schedulers, files, internet connection, window of an application, system events (low battery, PC is idle, printer attached etc) and so on. When any of these triggering events take place in your PC, it executes the actions. You can add as many of these tasks as you want and each task can have a different sets of actions and triggers configured for it.

RoboTask Lite

RoboTask Lite is the free version of RoboTask software and lacks many features that are available in the full version. For example, RoboTask also contained actions to upload files to FTP servers.

You can download RoboTask Lite from