Epic Games Gives Away Structure Building Game “World of Goo”

Ever since Epic Games started their own online game distribution platform in competition with Steam and UPlay, they have been giving away games for everyone to enjoy. Every month, they announce a new game and this month they are giving away an old structure building game “World of Goo”. This game was first released almost ten years ago and has been very popular with the children and adults alike.

In the World of Goo, you have to use sticky balls or goo balls to create structures such as bridges, towers and so on. In each level, these goo balls are stuck in one place and you have to build the structures so that they can cross over towards a pipe through which they can enter the next level. There are many different kinds of balls and they all can be used for different locations in a structure. Since there is no single way of building these structures to clear the level, you can replay the same level again with a different design of structure as many times as you want.

World of Goo

Developers of World of Goo have also updated the graphics and game resolution for the latest gaming computers. While the older version of the game had aspect ratio of 4:3, but the new version has aspect radio of 16:9 which works very well on latest widescreen monitors.

In order to get your free copy of World of Goo, all you have to do is visit the Epic Games store, visit the World of Goo page and click on the “Free” button. Of course, you must be logged in to your Epic Games account. The Epic Games client will be able to download and install this game on your PC.

You can get World of Goo for free from Epic Games store at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/world-of-goo/home.