Use Mobile Version of Instagram in Chrome Browser for Desktop

Instagram used to be an app only service and it stayed like that for many years. But after Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, things started to change and a web browser interface soon became accessible for everyone. Now you can just open in your favorite web browser, sign-in to your Instagram account, and you can view the pictures posted by others, like them and comment on them.

But the web interface version that you access through desktop web browser is not exactly the same as you would see in your smartphone app. You cannot upload any pictures or watch the stories (short videos) posted by other users. But now through the use of a Chrome extension Web IG Story, you can use the mobile version of Instagram in the Chrome web browser on your desktop computer.

After installing the Web IG Story, you can access the mobile version of Instagram just by clicking on the Instagram icon in the Chrome toolbar. This will show you a special extensions page where you can sign-in to your Instagram account. Now you will see the exact same interface as you would from the Instagram app for your smartphones.

Web IG Story

You can use this interface to almost everything you can from your smartphone – upload pictures or videos to Instagram from your desktop computer, you can upload stories to share them with your followers, you can anonymously view the stories posted by other users (they will not know that you have viewed your story) and more. Apart from these useful features, it allows you to view the pictures in their full resolution. For this, you just have to click on the placeholder for launcher and it will be displayed in a new tab in full resolution.

You can get the Web IG Story extension for Chrome web browser from