Fast Folder Eraser Pro : Quickly Delete Large Number of Files

If you have ever tried to delete a large number of files from your Windows PC, you might have seen how long it takes to calculate the total files in terms of numbers and in terms of the file size before it even begins to send the files to the recycle bin. And then the process of putting these files in the recycle bin can be very painfully slow. Windows 10 offers another way of deleting file bypassing the recycle bin for which you have to press the “Shift” key while deleting the files. But even this method takes very long time when you have to delete many files.

If you want to delete the files faster, then you can use a freeware software called Fast Folder Eraser Pro. In this program, you simply have to add all the folders that you want to delete. Once you have added all the folder that you want to delete, you can click on the Delete button. This will delete those folders one-by-one without any further effort on the users part.

Fast Folder Eraser Pro

However the way files are deleted is entirely dependent on the settings of Fast Folder Eraser Pro. You can make it run as a background process or reduce memory usage – both of these settings are great when you have to work on your PC and do not want to wait for the files to be deleted. You can choose an “On-Completion” action such as shutdown Windows, exit the application and play a sound.

Fast Folder Eraser Pro

You can choose secure file deletion settings which overwrite the data on the files using random data, using DoD method, using NSA method and using Gutmann method. These methods help securely erase the files by overwriting he files multiple times. There are options to selectively delete the files using filters and exclusion list.

Conclusion: Fast Folder Eraser Pro is a convenient way to delete a large number of files from your Windows PC. It offers options to delete the files by right-clicking on them, by using secure deletion options and more.

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