BackBlaze : Affordable Unlimited Backup Solution

No matter what happens to your computer or storage devices, and no matter how you end up losing your valuable data – malware infection, hack attacks, natural calamities, hardware failure, human errors or something else, you are still safe if you have a complete backup of your data. This is why people who invested in backup software and backup plans, they smile when ransomware infects their system because they can undo the whole infection in seconds by restoring their data from backup.

Not only creating regular backups is important, but choosing a good backup solution is also of great significance. You should pick a backup solution that fulfills all the requirements of your personal data or business data backups. For this BackBlaze provides great backup plans for both personal and business users at very affordable prices.


  • Unlimited backup : BackBlaze provides unlimited backup in its true sense. It means that even if you have multi-terabytes of data, it will keep backing it up on the cloud without any problem. For business users, it has two different plans – server backup or individual computer backup.
  • High security data centers : Your data is stored on highly secure data centers with 24-hour staff, biometric security access and redundant power backup. This kind of security is available only at military bases. All the data is transferred back and forth from these data centers over encrypted data connection.
  • Web download : You do not have to install BackBlaze software on your computer in order to restore your backup. You can login to your BackBlaze account, browse through all the backups and download the ones that you need from the comfort of your web browser.
  • Mail restore : While ordinary backup solutions provide you only download of data from their cloud servers, BackBlaze goes a step further and provides mail restore. You can order your data from BackBlaze and they will send it through FedEx as soon as possible. Data mailed is stored in encrypted format so nobody else can restore from the mailed storage devices.
  • Smartphone access : BackBlaze provides apps for both Android and iOS. You can not only check your backups anytime from anywhere through your smartphone, but you can also restore them from the mobile apps.
  • Two factor authentication : BackBlaze keeps takes security very seriously and offers two factor authentication. If you have enabled this feature, you have to enter a code sent to your mobile phone for successful login. This feature can prevent a hacker to access your backup if they somehow manage to lay their hands on your login credentials.

BackBlaze is not free but offers very affordable subscription plans for personal and business users. If you are serious about protecting your data, then there is nothing better than BackBlaze available for you.

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