Customize Mouse Pointer in Chrome Browser Using Custom Cursor Extension

Microsoft Windows comes with a few standard mouse pointer types. You can change the mouse pointer graphics to change the appearance of the mouse pointer on your screen. In Windows 8 and earlier this was done from the Control Panel while in Windows 10 this is done from the Settings app ( which can be opened through the hotkey Win+I). You can even add custom mouse pointers for Windows using a simple method as explained in : installing third party mouse cursors in Windows.

But what if you want to change the appearance of the mouse pointer only in Chrome web browser? In that case, you will find an extension called Custom Cursor very useful. This extension is designed for Google Chrome web browser and gives you hundreds of new, fun and exciting mouse pointers to choose from. After the installation of this extension, you can click on its icon in the Chrome toolbar and you will have access to hundreds of mouse cursors. You can click on any of these cursors and it will be set as your new cursor for Chrome.

Custom Cursor

Later if you want to change it back to the default cursor, then you can click on “default cursor” and it will go back to the same old Windows cursor. If you do not like the smaller size of the cursor, then you can change the size from small to large from the Custom Cursor settings. Apart from many cursor packs included in the extension, you can also download more cursor packs by visiting the Custom Cursor website.

Custom Cursor

Conclusion: Using Custom Cursor extension in Google Chrome browser, you can have hundreds of different pointer graphics. This way you can customize the mouse pointer appearance when using the Chrome browser.

You can get Custom Cursor extension for Google Chrome browser from