Bzzt! Image Editor : Batch Compress, Rotate, Resize and Convert Images

If you are a blogger or a photographer who wants to quickly publish lots of images online, then you first have to worry about processing them – resizing them or watermarking them. If you use an ordinary image editor, despite its impressive image editing features, it will take a long time for you to go through all of your images. Instead, you can use Bzzt! Image Editor that can batch process all of your images in one go. It can compress your images to reduce their file size, it can change the image file formats, it can rotate the the images at many angles, it can resize the images to a dimension of your choice and more.

Before you start processing your pictures with Bzzt! Image Editor, you should be warned that by default it overwrites the original files without any confirmation. So when you launch Bzzt! Image Editor and it shows a small window inviting you to drag-n-drop your image files, stop! First check the settings by clicking on Show output settings.

Bzzt! Image Editor

Make sure you make changes to the output location settings and select either rename or use a specific folder for copying the edited files. You can also change other settings like output file format (JPG or PNG), output quality, compression percentage, etc. From under the “Edit” tab, you can set rotation, resize dimension and other settings.

Now you can go ahead and drag-n-drop your image files on this window. Your image files will be instantly processed without delay and you won’t even see any progress or any other annoying inconveniences. It is great for processing large number of image files withing seconds.

Bzzt! Image Editor has all the features a typical blogger needs before uploading the images to their website or blog. The only desirable feature that is missing is the ability to upload the images to cloud storage services, FTP servers or to a number of image hosting services available online.

You can download Bzzt! Image Editor from