Multrin Brings Tabbed User Interface in Windows 10

Multrin is an open-source project that can bring tabbed user interface to Windows 10. It is designed using  project Electron and is therefore unusually large in size. Furthermore, it requires many other tools to be installed in Windows for it to work. Here is how you can go about using Multrin in Windows 10:

  1. Download and install Node.js in Windows. Use version 10.16 LTS.
  2. Launch PowerShell (Administrator) and give the command npm i -g windows-build-tools. It will download Python 2.7 and other Microsoft Visual Studio Build Tools. This might take some time to install.
  3. After these steps are over, you can download Multrin and launch Multrin.exe.
  4. In order to add any visible window to Multrin, you can simply drag-n-drop that window over to Multrin.

Using Multrin, you can have all of your open and visible windows organized in one view under one interface. All the windows are assigned a tab of their own. You can easily keep track of these tabs from the top of the window. For adding new windows to Multrin, you can simple drag and drop them over Multrin. Similarly, for removing them from Multrin, you can drag their respective tabs away from Multrin. If you close Multrin, all the tabs are returned to their individual windows.


Multrin provides a very modern and clean user interface for grouping together multiple windows in its tabbed user interface. The program does not bother the users with extensive options and configurations. The program is very minimalist but at the same time it depends on too many tools in order to work. Without proper installation of these tools, it will simply not work. It is not really user friendly when it comes to installing all these tools in order to make it work. It also comes with light and dark modes.

You can download Multrin from