CCleaner Browser : Chrome Based Safe & Secure Web Browser

Even though Chrome and Firefox are very secure web browsers in themselves, some third parties also offer web browsers based on them with some extra features to make them even more secure and safe. CCleaner (developed by Piriform which is now owned by Avast) has now released a new safe and secure web browser called CCleaner Browser. It is based on Chrome web browser but adds some security features.

The user interface of CCleaner Browser is identical to Chrome except the fact that icon is different. It comes with an extra icon added to the toolbar – “CCleaner Security and Privacy Center”. Clicking on this icon, you can open the interface from where all the extra features added by CCleaner can be turned off or on.

CCleaner Browser

Among these features are:

  • Anti-Phishing: It blocks dangerous websites and malicious downloads.
  • Anti-Tracking: It blocks intrusive ad trackers from learning your web browsing or online shopping behavior.
  • HTTPS Encryption: It enforces secure connection using HTTPS for all the websites.
  • Extension Guard: It blocks all the suspicious extensions from being installed in the browser.
  • Flash Blocker: It blocks Adobe Flash content completely in the web browser.
  • Webcam Guard: Using this you can control which websites can access your web camera and microphone.

CCleaner Browser

Some of the other “features” displayed in the panel are already built inside Chrome web browser and CCleaner browser does not add anything new. For example, password manager is already present in Chrome code, but its shortcut is available in the “CCleaner Security and Privacy Center”. Similarly, shortcuts to CCleaner (if installed on your system) and Stealth browser mode (Incognito mode) are also given there.

CCleaner Browser is same as Chrome browser so it performs the same, but it adds some extra security features that can block malicious sites and protect you from becoming a victim of phishing attacks.

You can download CCleaner Browser from


  1. I know this is an older article, but what concerns me now, is that Avast bought Piriform (which owns CCleaner and CCleaner browser)… there were all these articles a couple of years ago about how Avast hacks user’s info and sells it. So if I install and use CCleaner Browser, is that tantamount to installing and using Avast Secure Browser, with all its user data mining intact?

    Actually, I have been using CCleaner, lately; I find it often buggy– but good, at times. It doesn’t crash as often as FF on social media networks and on You Tube. I guess because it needs the data to sell from there? LOL.

  2. as usual people click on things without reading the popup windows then have the nerve to complain
    I CLEARLY saw the two check boxes that state what was going to be installed and UNCHECKED them before I allowed the ccleaner update
    come on people take responsibility for your pc/laptop stop blaming everybody else for your lack of taking 10 seconds of your life to read

  3. I, too, received that surprise. I have not used it, nor tried to remove it. Any information on the problems uninstalling would be appreciated.

  4. I was installing the latest update of Ccleaner and discovered their new browser was being installed in the process. I halted the installation and restarted the update and then spotted the “Install Ccleaner Browser” box which I unchecked and then continued with the update. I think it was Avast that also has their version of Chrome too that I also disliked and got rid of. Chrome has some great features and I used to love it, but I’m gravitating over to Firefox now and don’t like being surprised with sneaky changes to my browser. They all should make it more obvious when they want to do stuff like this. It’s an irritating precedent and bothersome to undo.

  5. The other day, when I installed an update to CCleaner, I found that something calling itself CCleaner Browser had been installed…but I hadn’t noticed any choice being given, let alone notice, regarding installing CCleaner Browser. Personally, I don’t like Chrome, or any of its many children, at all…so I wouldn’t have installed it if given a choice, anyway.

    The thing that brought me to the point of commenting, is that CCleaner, apparently, was hacked about two years ago, and went nearly a month before it was caught. The fact that CCleaner Browser was so difficult to remove, I think, is something that people ought to be aware of. Perhaps I’ve simply been unlucky, like something just didn’t work as intended, which looked a bit like virus behavior.

    At any rate, between it showing up as part of an unrelated update in the first place, and the difficulty in removing it, I think people ought to be aware that it may turn out to be a royal pain in the end.

    1. I’m using it right now and it’s fine. Are you saying that the CCleaner browser is fishy and isn’t true about what it says it protects?

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