FuzeDrive : Use Faster SSD Together with High Capacity HDD

When SSD (solid state drives) first surfaced a few years ago, they were very expensive but provided very high data transfer speeds. So smarter people soon figured out a solution – they used both an SSD and an HDD in their computers. The SSD was used for installing operating system and other programs, so that they launch faster and operating system takes shorter time loading. But the HDD was used to store other data like videos, songs, pictures, documents and not so frequently used things, simply because you can get a humongous HDD for very cheap these days.

Now Enmotus FuzeDrive has automated this task for you – this software works with computers having multiple storage devices (typically both an SSD and an HDD, but it could be two SSD’s – one with better performance). It automatically transfers more often used programs over to SSD for improving speed and less used data is sent over to the HDD. You no longer have to do everything manually.


According to Enmotus website it uses advanced machine intelligence to learn how you use your computer and then automatically transfers the most active data on your fastest storage media without needing any user intervention. This ensures that all of your active applications get the SSD level performance boost.

The beauty of FuzeDrive is that it presents all the drives (both SSD and HDD) as a single C: drive to the operating system. All the system monitoring and dynamic data transfer happens in the background and the user won’t have to do anything. Combining both HDD and SSD, it can give you virtual SSD of up to 16 TB capacity.

Using FuzeDrive you get the best of the both worlds – high speed SSD and high capacity HDD. It can give SSD level performance to your applications and operating system, resulting in shorter boot times, and accelerated game loading.

You can get FuzeDrive from https://www.enmotus.com/.