CenterTaskbar : Center Align All Taskbar Icons in Windows

In macOS, all the icons are shown in the middle of the dock which is similar to the concept of the taskbar in Windows desktop. But in Windows taskbar, the icons are all aligned to the left of the screen. First icon is towards the left of the screen near the start button. All the other icons keep stacking up towards to the right of the first icon. These icons belong to the shortcuts pinned to the taskbar or to the windows open right now.

If you want to center align all the icons in Windows taskbar just like they are in macOS, then you can use an open-source tool called CenterTaskbar. It is a portable tool and does not require any installation. You just have to double-click on CenterTaskbar.exe file and it will instantly center-align all the icons in the taskbar. There is nothing else to do – no configuration changes to be made. When newer icons appear as you launch more programs or new windows are opened up, these new icons all appear in the center automatically just as you wold expect in macOS dock.


CenterTaskbar places a small icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to view options for auto-starting it with Windows and for scanning for newly added monitors. It supports multiple monitor configuration and can auto-align all the taskbar icons to the center on all the connected monitors.


By default the the screen refresh rate used by CenterTaskbar is 60Hz which is very common for many of the LED screens available today. But if you want to change this refresh rate, then you have to launch CenterTaskbar with the refresh rate as the argument. For example, in order to have 65Hz refresh rate, you have to give the 65 as the argument. Ideally, the refresh rate for CenterTaskbar should match that of your monitor.

You can download CenterTaskbar from