CloudPresso : Compress and Optimize Video Files Online

When you want to share your video files with other you should first compress them so that others do not have to download huge video files. There are so many video compression and optimization programs available for accomplishing this task. For example, my favorite tool Handbrake can perform not only video file compression but it offers so many other features too.

But if you are looking for a completely online tool to compress your video files then you can try CloudPresso. It is a web app that can take your files and reduce their size. It can compress documents, images, videos and even Android APK files. As far as video compression is concerned it follows a no-nonsense approach.

Upon selection of video compression, you are taken to a video file selection page. On this page, you can drag-n-drop video files and they will be added to the list. You can add up to a maximum of ten video files for compression. The size of video files can be upto 1GB if you register for a free CloudPresso account.

CloudPresso Video

Once the files have been added, you can choose the compression and video quality from high, very high and maximum. There are no other options to be set. Now you can just click on the Compress button. You will see the whole progress in the web app. First all the files are uploaded to CloudPresso server, then they are compressed and optimized.

CloudPresso Video

A compression percentage is shown along with the original file size and the compressed file size. In the end, you are given download links for each of the files are displayed. You can download the compressed video files to your computer and use them for sharing with others.

CloudPresso Video

CloudPresso is ideal for smaller video files for which you do not want to bother with using large and complex software. Similarly, if your computer is not so powerful and is taking forever to compress the files then you can use CloudPresso for quick video compression.

You can visit CloudPresso video compression web app at