Epic Games Gives Away Rebel Galaxy for Free

Epic Games store is giving away another game for free – Rebel Galaxy. If you are a fan of the popular science-fiction TV show Stargate SG1 then you are going to love Rebel Galaxy. In this game you are the commander of a space ship and you take on new challenges all over the galaxy. Your ship engages in fierce and thrilling battles with other ships in the outer limits of our universe.

Through the space travel you discover new territories, you find new mines for rare minerals, and you may have to come in terms with some of the powerful challenger ships. Sometimes you come across space pirates that want to rob your ship, and sometimes you come across abandoned ships full of material that you may want to scavenge.

As you go through the game, you will need newer, bigger and stronger ships. For the new ship, you can either mine the rare minerals or just loot other ships. This way you can upgrade your ship, make it larger and stronger. You can also upgrade your defense and buy new weapons for your space ship. You can behave as a pirate, a space trader, or a rogue anytime you want.

Rebel Galaxy

The Rebel Galaxy game was released in 2015 and does not have very high system requirements. You need a decent graphics card, 2GB RAM minimum and a dual core processor. This is sufficient to run the game at lower graphics settings. Of course, the game will run smoother on high end gaming rigs.

In order to claim a free copy of Rebel Galaxy game, you can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rebel-galaxy/home and add the game to your cart before checking out. You can also use Epic Games Launcher to find Rebel Galaxy and add it to your library for free. The giveway will last until 27th June, 2019.