How to Enable Dark Mode in Outlook Webmail

Dark modes are everywhere – operating systems, smartphone apps, websites, web browsers and more. Dark mode is basically turning most of the user interface darker. The reason dark modes are becoming popular is because they are easy on your eyes and very comfortable to be used at the night time in the darker surroundings. And if you are using a hand held device, then dark modes also help preserve the battery charge for much longer because the a major portion of the screen is not brightly lit.

Now you can enable dark mode for the web version of Outlook mail interface too. Outlook is free email service offered by Microsoft. Outlook can be used with the help of Outlook smartphone apps, it can be configured to be accessed through an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird. But you can also access Outlook directly in your web browser. Here is how you can enable the dark mode for the web interface of Outlook:

Outlook Dark Mode Webmail

  1. Launch your web browser, navigate to and login to your Outlook account.
  2. When you have signed in to your Outlook account, click on the small cogwheel icon near the top-right corner of Outlook interface to open “Quick Settings”.
  3. From the quick settings, you can enable Dark Mode easily.Outlook Dark Mode Webmail

You can disable this dark mode again using the same method once again. From the quick settings of Outlook web interface, you can also access many other cool features such as themes, background pictures, inbox style, inbox layout and more.

If you are accessing your Outlook email account from the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, then you obviously don’t have access to the dark mode from the web interface. But you can enable the dark theme in Thunderbird as we have explained in one of our previous article – how to enable dark theme in Mozilla Thunderbird.