FaceApp : Artificial Intelligence Based Face Editor

Back in the day, you had to spend hours in Adobe Photoshop to make changes to a facial picture and bring it to the Hollywood standard. Thanks to the quickly evolving artificial intelligence, now you can do everything in a a matter of seconds. There are artificial tools available that can change your hair color, hair style, apply makeup, make you look young or old, and even change your gender. FaceApp is one of such artificial intelligence based face editors that leverages the power of AI to quickly make changes to your facial pictures.

FaceApp is available as a web app and also an app for Android and iPhone. For the web app, you have to login using Facebook so that it can load pictures from your Facebook profile. While for the smartphone app you can use any selfies taken recently. The web app is rather limited in features and gives you just a few examples of what the smartphone app can achieve.


In the smartphone app version of FaceApp, you can select one of the pictures showing your face clearly and then you can pick any of the effects from the bottom. Among the effects are smiles, hair colors, impressions, hair styles, ages, glasses, beards, filters, lens blurs, backgrounds, tattoos, vignette, adjustments and cropping. All of these effects have sub-categories and multiple styles to pick from. For example, under the Tattoo category, you can find many different facial tattoos that you can apply. All the effects have options too, for example, in the case of tattoos you can change their size or color.


Not all of these effects are available in the free version of FaceApp. For many of these effects you have to buy a Pro license. The license is available as a subscription for one month, for one year or for all time.

You can get FaceApp for Android and iOS from https://faceapp.com/app.