How to Listen to Thousands of Worldwide Radio Stations in Your Web Browser

Starting in early 2000s, many radio stations started to make their presence known on the internet so that people could listen to the radio programs from their websites. Later live online broadcasts were made available, but for these the listeners usually needed special software like Windows Media Player or Winamp.

Now we have a number of special online radio programs that are used only for listening to online radio stations. We have reviewed many of these online radio programs such as odio, Radiola, OooPlayer, Screamer Radio, Maximus Radio, TapinRadio and more.

But if you do not want to install anything or use any of these online radio programs, then you can still manage to listen to thousands of online radio stations right inside your web browser by accessing the web app. There is no provision of saving your favorite radio stations or for recording the radio programs. Online Radio works in any modern web browser and therefore it is platform independent. You can visit the web app website in your browser and it will show a few suggestions. You can click on any of these to start listening to them in your browser. But these stations are not the only ones available. You can use the search box on the website to look for your favorite stations. For example, you can look for “comedy” and it will show all the radio stations tagged with “comedy”.  It is another matter that the search results have a disproportionately high number of German radio stations in the database. Online Radio

Verdict: is the quickest way of listening to online radio stations from anywhere in the world, without having to install any software, just by using your web browser. However, the web app seems to have more German radio stations than from any other country.

You can visit online radio web app by visiting