How to Play Doom with Sigil Mod in Windows 10

John Romero, the original developer of the cult shooter game Doom, has come with a mega-mod for Doom 1. The mod is named Sigil and when you play the game with Sigil mod, you will understand the significance of it being called Sigil. This new mod is so extensive and detailed that John Romero is calling it a mega-wad. A wad file is used for storing the game levels of Doom, for example, Doom 1 came with “doom.wad” and Doom 2 came with “doom2.wad”.

In order to play Sigil mod for Doom in your Windows 10 PC, you will need these:

  1. Full version of Doom 1 (1993) or Ultimate Doom (1995). Shareware version won’t work. You can buy Ultimate Doom from GoG at
  2. GZDoom port of Doom which can be downloaded for free from This is needed because original “doom.exe” won’t run on new versions of Windows.
  3. Sigil mod obviously. You can get the free version from You can also order Sigil mod with Buckethead soundtrack from the same page.

Sigil Mod for Doom

After you have acquired all three things, follow these instructions:

  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded GZDoom zip file (in my case, to a folder, for example, C:\GZDoom.
  2. Extract the doom.wad file from Doom 1 installation folder to the same folder as in step 1.
  3. Extract sigil.wad file from downloaded sigil mega-wad zip file.
  4. Now select sigil.wad, drag it and drop on gzdoom.exe. You should be running Doom with Sigil mode now.Sigil Mod for Doom

The new mod is is very gory and is only for the hardcore fans of this cult classic game. The game begins with the protagonist in the midst of a red room as demons shoot at him from above. To open new pathways, the player has to shoot at the sigils drawn on the walls. Even at the easiest level, I found it very difficult to finish the level. But perhaps more advanced gamers will go through Sigil in a few minutes.