Batch Rename Files in Windows with Rename Us

If you have come across the problem of having many files with names that you do not understand, then you need a tool for batch renaming these files. There are many good file renaming tools such as Rename Us. It is a small tool for batch renaming multiple files. It allows you to add criteria according to which new names will be picked, such as a specific prefix, suffix, usage date, and MP3 tags.

Rename Us works in five steps for renaming the files. You can rename ordinary files or MP3 files and can specify different rules for different types of files. First of all you have to add the files to the Rename Us window. You can select the files from an in-built folder explorer interface.

The second step involves adding the rules that govern how the files will be renamed. Individual rules are implemented in the order indicated by the user. Before changing the name, the file list can be rearranged manually or automatically by name, date or extension. From among the rules, you can add suffix/prefix to a file’s name, you can remove the suffix/prefix, you can change the case, you can add capitalize the first letter, you can add numbers, you can change the file extensions or you can replace a sub-string of the file name. You are also allowed your own custom rules.

Rename Us

Now you can move to the next step and see a preview of the renaming process. This preview is very helpful to get an idea about how the renaming rules selected  by you are going to change the names of the selected files. If you are happy with the preview, then you can go ahead and execute the actions and renaming will take place.

Rename Us provides a fast but safer way of renaming files. It renames your files based on the rules you have selected but shows you a preview before actually renaming the files. It is also available in paid Pro version which gives you many more features.

You can download Rename Us from