How to Set Spotify as Media App for Google Maps

Google Maps is a very useful app that is included in all the Android based smartphones like Samsung Galaxy. It can be used as a basic map to find information about a location like a city, it can be used to find driving instructions to reach a location from another location, it can also be used as a helper app for daily commuters. Millions of people all over the world use Google Maps app for their everyday navigation needs. And if you encounter heavy traffic jam in your way then you can also use Google Maps to play some music to beat the boredom of sitting in your car waiting for the traffic to get cleared.

You can set many different media apps in Google Maps. Here is how you can set Spotify as the media/music app in Google Maps in Android:

  1. Before proceeding ensure that you have latest versions of both Google Maps and Spotify installed on your smartphone. You should also launch Spotify and login to your Spotify account before jumping to step 2.
  2. Launch Google Maps, tap on the menu icon and select Settings.
  3. From the settings screen, select Navigation settings followed by Show media playback controls.Set Spotify as Default Media App for Google Maps
  4. Select Spotify from the media apps list, select OK and then Next.Set Spotify as Default Media App for Google Maps
  5. This will launch Spotify app where you can tap on the big green Agree button.Set Spotify as Default Media App for Google Maps
  6. This is it, now Spotify will be your default media app for Google Maps. You can check this by opening Google Maps’ navigation settings.

When you are navigating with the help of Google Maps, you will see media playback buttons right inside Google Maps app. You can use these buttons to control playback of music on your Spotify app. So when next time you are waiting in the slowly crawling traffic, just tap on the play button and enjoy listneing to your favorite music on Spotify to chill out.