How to Normalize Spotify Volume in Android

Spotify has become an essential music app for all the youngsters. When commuting everyday, driving your car across the country, exercising in the gym, going for everyday morning walk, when getting bored or even when you are studying, you can turn on Spotify and you can have a great time while doing all the other activities. Some of the live stream broadcasters on Twitch actually keep playing Spotify in the background as it makes their broadcasts much more exciting.

One of the things you may have seen when listening to Spotify over your Bluetooth speakers, that some songs are louder than others. Some songs are so quiet that you barely hear them at all. This is specially true when a quieter song is played immediately after a really loud song. Instead of using volume buttons on your Bluetooth speaker, you can use a setting in Spotify to normalize the volume of all the songs. This setting is really useful when you are playing Spotify for a little party at your home and do not want to volume to drop for a particualr track when you are in the middle of having fun in your party.

Here is how it is done:

  1. Launch Spotify app and tap on the cogwheel icon near top-right.
  2. In the Spotify settings, enable Normalize volume.Spotify Normalize Volume
  3. This is it, you are all set. Now when you play any music in Spotify, its volume will be increased or decreased to bring to a normalized level.

Using this setting Spotify will bring the volume of all the songs to the same level. Louder songs are played at a lower volume and the volume of quieter songs is boosted up, so that you listen to all the music at the same volume level, sparing you from jumping at the volume rocker buttons on your Bluetooth speakers.