Mi File Manager : Xiaomi File Management App Available for All

Mi File Manager is a well designed file management app for Android devices. This app comes pre-installed on Xiaomi’s Android smartphones, but now you can use it on any Android device. Unlike the stock Android file manager, it allows you to open remote locations or connect to an FTP server from inside the app.

The user interface of Mi File Manager shows three sections – Recent, Cleanup and Internal Storage. The Recent section displays all the locations of files that you recently accessed, created or saved. It divides all the files in various categories so that you can easily locate them. The file categories are images, videos, docs, music, APKs, downloads, archives and more. It also displays recently snapped photographs so you do not have to dive deep into various folders to find them.

Mi File Manager for Android

The Cleanup section is like a CCleaner like app built-inside Mi File Manager. It allows you to find and clean unnecessary files from your phone’s storage. It finds out all the apps that are storing too much app data, video files that are very large in file size, and other huge files that could be taking up all the space. After it has detected the unnecessary files, you can simply tap on the “Clean up” button to remove them and claim free space.

The Internal Storage section can be used like the stock Android file manager. It displays the complete directory structure of the internal storage of your device. If you a microSD card attached in your smartphone, then its contents are also displayed by Mi File Manager. You can perform all the supported file operations on  the files – copy, paste, delete etc.

Mi File Manager for Android

Like many other apps these days, Mi File Manager comes with a dark mode. You can enable this dark mode easily from the app menu. This dark mode is very useful if you are working in darker surroundings or if you want to lower stress on your eyes.

You can get Mi File Manager for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mi.android.globalFileexplorer.

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