Mozilla Firefox Preview : Test New Web Browser for Android

Mozilla has been working on Firefox Fenix web browser for a long time. Earlier this web browser was available only as APK file from Mozilla website, but as they are getting closer to release, they have made it available on Google Play store for all Android devices. According to Mozilla, the current version on Play store is just a preview and for testing purposes only, but they will release the final release version in fall this year.

What was earlier known as project Firefox Fenix, is now available as Firefox Preview on Play store. This web browser offers a much polished and cleaner interface. Compared to the standard Firefox browser for Android, it does seem to work faster and load the pages in a shorter time.

Like many other apps, it offers a light theme and a dark theme. Setting the dark theme is pretty easy – the options appear on the screen as soon as you launch the browser for the very first time. There is an option to switch the themes (between light and dark) automatically depending on your device’s settings.

Firefox Preview for Android

One feature you would notice right away is that the address bar is not near the top but near the bottom edge of the smartphone screen. Keeping it near the bottom edge helps you enter the URL easily while using your smartphone only with one hand. Another web browser feature that it comes with is a QR code scanner and as expected, focuses heavily on security and privacy. It can block trackers and stop cookies altogether.

Firefox Preview for Android

Firefox Preview is completely transparent browser, its source is available on Github. You can download the APK file from its Github webpage. This APK file can be side-loaded in Android, but since now it is available on Play store, it is much easier to install and test it.

You can get Firefox Preview web browser for Android from