FixMy10 : Tool to Fix Most Common Problems in Windows

When using your Windows computer, you sometimes come across a system paralyzing problem without tackling which you cannot seem to keep using your PC. For example, you might end up having file associations problem and may fail to run programs or one of your portable drives could have corrupt file system.

You can fix all these common problems using a small tool called FixMy10. This tool is published by a programmer from Indonesia on his blog Devata Komputer. The program offers very simple user interface with different tabs for fixing different problems.

On the main tab “Home”, you can see some basic information about your computer such as operating system, motherboard, processor and RAM. It does not display any information about the GPU. You can carry out some of the quick tasks to create restore points, fix a corrupted file system, or repair some of the Windows components using the DISM tool.


Under the “File Associations Fixer”, you can fix the file associations for various common files, so that you can run some of the troubleshooting programs. It fixes BAT, COM, EXE associations to begin with that are usually disabled by some malware. Under the “Restriction Fixer”, it fixes the problems of Windows not allowing you to access any of the system folders. Again, these restrictions are usually a result of a malware infection. Under the “Advanced” section, you can fix some other problems such as explorer.exe not starting on its own, Task Manager not working, or System Restore feature has become inaccessible etc.

FixMy10 is a lightweight application that can fix some of the most common problems users encounter in Windows 10. It can fix file association problems, fix corrupted file systems, create restore points, fix user restrictions to file system and so on.

You can download FixMy10 from