Opera GX : Web Browser Specially Designed for Gamers

In the past serious gamers debated about which browser is better for gaming and online streaming over Twitch. But now they can choose Opera GX without thinking twice. Opera GX is a gaming web browser designed specially for the gamers. It comes with very handy features that gamers are going to love such as ability to limit the RAM and CPU use, information about latest released games, Twitch integration in the browser and availability of many popular messenger apps right inside the browser.

Opera GX is based on the regular Opera desktop browser and is only customized for gamers, so you won’t have to customize anything yourself.  As you launch the web browser, it displays the gaming news and new released games information in the startup page. This is called Opera GX Corner and can be customized to include information about games meant for Windows, Play station or other platforms.

Opera GX Gaming Browser

Opera GX Control allows you to limit the amount of maximum RAM taken up the browser. This will save you from the scenarios when your PC becomes unresponsive because the browser is using too much RAM. Similarly, you can control the CPU use of the browser. Now you can keep Opera GX browser running in the background while playing games without worrying about memory use.

Opera GX Gaming Browser

First time Twitch users know how much of hassle it is to use Twitch to broadcast games specially when you have to integrate it with software like OBS. Opera GX browser has Twitch integrated right inside it. You just have to enter your Twitch credentials and you are ready to go.

Opera GX Gaming Browser

When playing online if you want to chat with your friends or invite them to the game, you can do it all without leaving Opera GX browser. It has many popular messengers built inside – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Vkontakte (VK). However, it lacks support for Discord that games love so much.

There are numerous other features built inside Opera GX such as sound effects, video pop out, video over game, VPN access and more. It is anybody’s guess that newer versions of Opera GX are going to include many more features.

You can download Opera GX gaming browser from https://www.opera.com/gx#download.