Save Text from Web Pages with Clippings for Firefox

Students, journalists and content creators often have to research a topic online. You end up opening many different websites and you want to save some important parts from each of these pages, so that you can quote them in your final report or article. One way to do this is to just print those pages out, but a smarter approach is to use an extension called Clippings designed for the Firefox web browser.

Clippings extension for Firefox makes it very easy to save any text from a webpage into “clippings” in the web browser. You simply have to select a piece of text on a webpage, right-click on it, select Clippings from the right-click context-menu to add it to a new clipping or to an existing menu.

Clippings for Firefox

Once you select to add the selected text to clipping, you are shown some basic settings for the new clipping. You can preview the saved text title, its content, which folder you want to create it in, whether you want to save the URL of the webpage, whether you want to associate a key with the saved text (so you can access it quickly), and you can also choose a color for the label.

Clippings for Firefox

If you click on the “Clippings” icon in the web browser toolbar, you can see the clippings management interface. From here you can view the already saved clippings, you can create new clippings, you can remove the clippings, you can export or import them, you can remove the source web address if you had saved it earlier, and you can also arrange the clippings under various folders.

Clippings for Firefox

Clippings is a great way to save the text from various websites for research purpose. You can then quote them in your writing easily along with the source URL. Similarly, you can also save form field text so that you can fill the forms quicker.

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