WildBit Viewer : Fast Image Viewer with In-built Editor

If you want a lightweight and free image viewer for your Windows PC, then there are many choices like IrfanView, FastStone Image Viewer or XnView. But if you want an image viewer with a built-in image editor then you can try WildBit Viewer that comes with an image viewer, an image editor, a slideshow viewer, a multi-screen viewer and an image search tool.

WildBit Viewer can be said to be a complete graphics viewer that encompasses all of the most desirable tools a Windows user might need to work with graphics files. The program is available in multiple formats – installer version and portable version, 32-bit version or 64-bit version, version with or without help and the packages are available in unzipped and zipped formats. For an intermediate level user, it does not require any special help file but if you are a newbie then you should get the installer version with help.

The interface of the WildBit Viewer is very easy-to-use and very intuitive. It reminds of FastStone image viewer, but have many more features available readily through the user interface. For example, you can set any image as Windows desktop background just by clicking on Set Wallpaper. The interface can be customized for the individual user.

WildBit Viewer

The editor included with Wild Viewer is not anything like GIMP or Photoshop but provides some popular image editing tools – drawing shapes, annotation tools, text tools, adding notes, drawing angles, rotating images, cropping, change color depth, adding special effects, and more. You can capture desktop or any part of the screen with in-built capture tools. You can merge two or more than two images together. You can run operations automatically using batch scripts.

WildBit Editor

WildBit Viewer supports many of the popular image file formats including, BMP, JPEG, GIF, {NG, PCX, TIFF, TGA etc. It can run a slideshow using the images stored in one or more than one folders. It also comes with an image viewer used for multi-monitor setup.

WildBit Viewer is an all-in-one package for all of your image related needs – viewing, editing, slideshows, capturing screen, conversion of image file formats, and more. It is highly recommended for the new and advanced users alike.

You can download WildBit Viewer from https://www.wildbit-soft.fi/software.html.