Ahaview Lite : Free Image Viewer and Renamer for Windows

Ahaview is a small and fast image viewer for Windows computers. It can display a thumbnail gallery view of all of your images stored inside a folder, it can display the images in the full screen, it can run a slide-show of the images being displayed and it can convert the images from one file format to another. It supports many image file formats that are popular on Windows operating system.

Ahaview is not a portable software and must be installed on your system. During the installation, you are given options to associate Ahaview with some of the very common image file formats. The supported image file formats include BMP, ICO, GIF, PNG, PCX, JPG, JPEG, PSD, SVG, TIF and TIFF. You can select or deselect file associations as you need.


After installation, you can double-click on any image file to view it in Ahaview. It has tree-view interface from where you can select any folder on your hard drive. On the right side, it will display a thumbnail gallery of all the pictures stored in the selected folder. You can double-click on any of these thumbnail to view it in full screen size. You can also select a file and press “Enter” to view it in the full-screen. To return back from the full-screen mode, you can use the “Esc” key.


The free version of Ahaview is called Ahaview lite. But even the free version displays an annoying nag when you close Ahaview window. The paid version of Ahaview does not display this nag. Compared to other free image viewers like IrfanView or XNView, Ahaview does not offer many features. In addition, these other image viewers do not display any nags, supports hundreds of image file formats and work forever on your system.

You can download Ahaview Lite from http://www.aha-soft.com/ahaview/free.htm.