How to Enable Notifications for New User Posts in Instagram

These days some apps have become so popular that they come pre-installed on almost all the smartphones. Instagram is one of these social networking apps that you can start using in your brand new phone right away. On Instagram, you have to follow other interesting people if you want to view their new posts everyday. But if you are a big fan of some celebrity, then you may want to enable notifications for their latest to be shown on the lock-screen of your smartphone. Once these Instagram these notifications are enabled for an Instagram user that you have been following, you will see information about their latest posts on your screen as soon as they have posted on Instagram.

Here is how you can enable notifications for new posts for an Instagram user:

  1. Launch Instagram app in your smartphone, find your favorite Instagram user that you follow.
  2. Tap on the menu show next to their posts and select Turn on Post Notifications from the menu.Enable New Post Notifications in Instagram
  3. You will see a toast notification telling you that post notifications are on for that person or organization.
  4. Now whenever they post a new picture or short video, you will get notification regarding in your phone.Enable New Post Notifications in Instagram

Enabling notifications for a particular person is really a cool feature in Instagram. It is really good for all the fans who follow their celebrity gods on Instagram and want to know what they are posting as soon as their posts go live. After all these celebrities read the comments made by you only if you are the first few people to make the comment on their pictures. You can also use this feature to receive instant notifications about the posts of your best friends.

Needless to mention that if you want to turn off the notifications for a person, then you can follow the same exact steps. This time, you will see the option to Turn off Post Notifications in the menu (in step 2) above. Care must be taken for not enabling post notifications from too many people, or your phone will keep buzzing from round the clock notifications.


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