Create Interactive eBooks for Various Platforms with Kotobee Author

If you are a creative author and are planning to write new e-books for your readers, then you can try Kotobee Author e-book creation software. It is an amazing software for the experienced and the new writers alike.  Not only you can create e-books, but it also helps your new e-books reach your readers. Unlike traditional editors like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, it allows you to add many interactive sections in your e-books such as polls and quizzes. These feature make it ideal for creating educational books for students or younger audience.

If you have already written an e-book in Microsoft Word and have saved it as DOCX or PDF file format, then you can easily import your e-book into Kotobee Author. After importing, you can edit it to refine the look and add interactive content if desired. This import feature makes it very convenient to create e-books for people who are accustomed to using Word as their primary editor.

Kotobee Author

The e-books that you create using Kotobee Author can be exported in 12 different e-book formats ensuring that all the readers will have access to your e-books irrespective of what kind of device they are using or what type of e-book reading software they are familiar with. It can also create e-books in form of mobile apps that users can download and install in their smartphones or tablets.

Kotobee Author allows you to edit the e-books not only from its WYSIWYG editor, but also at the code level. You can make use of HTML, JavaScript and CSS to modify how your e-book content appears to the readers. It makes use of the popular jQuery library for advanced JavaScript coding. If you are a web developer, you will find yourself right at home.

Kotobee Author is recommended for all the e-book writers who want to create beautiful e-books and publish them in a very short time for multiple platforms.

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