ABC-Update : Control Microsoft Windows Automatic Updates

Microsoft has made it basically impossible to disable automatic updates in Windows 10. Even if you disable the automatic updates service from the services manager, it gets auto-restarted through another services specially designed to take care of any problems with the automatic updates. If you want to completely disable or configure how the updates are delivered to your system then you can use a third party tool called ABC-Update.

ABC-Update is a portable tool for controlling the automatic updates related services in Windows 10. By controlling the update services, we will be able to control how and when updates are downloaded. Using ABC-Update, you can change some of the Microsoft Update related settings so that the updates are not downloaded automatically when you are busy doing something important.


Rather the updates will be downloaded only when you need them and when your computer if free for downloading and installing them. This way you can avoid all the bottlenecks of automatic updates like the installation of unwanted  updates that could lead to BSOD (blue screen of death).

ABC-Update comes both as a GUI and CLI application. The command line version is useful if you want to include it in batch scripts. The GUI version is very easy to use and divides all the operations in various sections. Under basics section, you can choose update source, and an action like list updates, install updates and more.


For the updates to be installed, you can choose from various types like critical updates, feature packs, service packs, applications, developer kits, definition updates and so on. If you are confused about all the different options, ABC-Update comes with a PDF manual that explains everything.

ABC-Update brings the control of automatic updates back to the Windows users as it should be in the first place. Using this free tool, you can get the updates only when you want them and prevent Windows from rebooting until you allow it.

You can download ABC-Update from