Decentraleyes Emulates Local CDN in Firefox and Chrome

When a website has become popular, its traffic increases to millions of viewers per day. Such a website cannot depend on a single server and often uses special servers called content delivery network or CDN in short. Use of CDN servers makes the websites load very fast as it shares the main web server load by serving webpages, media and other things from servers located in various parts of the world. Examples of popular CDN include Amazon CloudFront and Cloudflare.

But when you are visiting a website that uses CDN servers, you may be exposing some of your information to those servers. In order to protect your privacy, you can use an extension called Decentraleyes. This extension emulates local CDN instead of fetching the files from the real CDN servers. This way it can enhance your privacy when you are accessing websites in your web browser.


One of the main problem that privacy conscious users complain about CDN is that even when you are accessing a well-known safe website, your data could be sent to various servers operated by a third party that are located half-way across the world. For example, if you access an American website when traveling in Philippines, it could use a CDN server from Singapore because it is near to your geographical location.

With the help of Decentraleyes you can avoid this from happening. It caches all the resources that you are downloading much more frequently from the CDN servers. Next time your web browser requests those resources, it fetches them from the locally saved resources instead of querying CDN. This makes the web sites load faster and also improves protects your privacy.


The extension comes with a test that can be used to find out how it is working to block the CDN requests. You can click on the Decentraleyes icon to view the number of CDN requests that were replaced by local CDN emulation. Underneath there is also a link ( that can take you to a testing utility which shows if this Decentraleyes extension is working and fully operational. Decentraleyes is available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers.

You can get Decentraleyes extension for Firefox or Chrome from