CyberTaskTimer Finds Time You Spent on Various Applications

Everyday we use our computer and we run many different applications all through a work day. But sometimes we get side tracked into trying out a new app, checking out a new game or just wasting time on a website. These distractions not only waste out daily time but also it prevents us from finishing our projects before the deadline. For example, if you are playing the crossword puzzle 20% of the time when at work, then you will take much longer to finish a report you had to prepare for the meeting in time.

One way to keep yourself in check is to use a simple application called CyberTaskTimer. It is a portable application for Windows that keeps track of all the time you have been spending on various applications and universal apps. You can install CyberTaskTimer in your Windows PC and it will immediately start monitoring your use of applications. When Windows starts, it will automatically start and from that point on, it will take a log of all the applications that use.


In the user interface of CyberTaskTimer, you can see all the applications currently running in your Windows computer along with the time that you have been using them for. It does not record the time for which they have been running. Rather it logs the time for which you have been actively using them (when their window is in foreground and you are not using any other program etc).


It also displays basic statistics of how you have been using different applications over a period of time. The graphical display of all the data in the bar chart format makes it easy for you to see which of the applications is taking most of your time and which application is using the least time. Using this data you can make adjustments on how and when you use which of the applications so that you stay focused on your goals, finish projects on time and do not get sidetracked.

You can download CyberTaskTimer from