DxO ViewPoint : Auto-Correct Distortions in Wide-Angle Photography

Wide-angle photography is done using a wide angle lens which is used usually with DSLR cameras such as Canon EOS 5DS. You have to use a wide angle lens to cover more of the view in the same picture. Regular lenses have a focal length of more than 35mm and their angle of view is usually smaller than 55 degrees. With such smaller view angle, they cannot cover most of the visible objects in front of them. If you want to fit more in the same frame, then you have to use a wide-angle lens which means lens having focal length of less than 35mm. There are lenses available with focal length of only 2mm but they can cover 170 degree of view.

One of the problem with wide-angle photography is that it distorts the objects in order to fit them in the frame. Objects often appear elongated, curved or out of perspective. For this, you have to use a software capable of correcting these distortions such as DxO ViewPoint which is able to automatically correct all of these usual distortions.

DxO ViewPoint

In order to correct wide-angle photography related problems, you simply have to open your pictures in DxO ViewPoint and click on the Auto button next to a specific type of correction. For example, in the above picture the pillars are looking circular because of distortion. But just by clicking on the Auto button, the whole distortion is fixed. You do not have to be an Adobe Photoshop guru in order to correct this.

However, it also offers manual corrections for much more precise work. It offers corrections for distortion, volume deformation, perspectives, horizon correction, etc. You can also crop the picture or apply miniature effect to the pictures.

DxO ViewPoint

DxO ViewPoint can be used both as a stand alone application and as a plug-in for image editors like Adobe Photoshop. These options appear during the installation. You can use the demo version for 30 days after which you have buy a license.

You can download DxO ViewPoint from https://www.dxo.com/dxo-viewpoint/download/.