Epic Games Store Gives Away Kitchen Game “Overcooked”

Epic Games Store is giving away one game every week to celebrate one successful year of their game distribution platform. In this progress, this way they are giving away a kitchen game called Overcooked. This game is loved by kids, and adults both. You have to manage to make the dishes and serve them faster and faster – while at the same time battling with all the different hurdles.

Overcooked is not just another cooking or kitchen game that you can find on many online games sites. You are chef of a restaurant and you have to take orders from your customers, prepare their ordered dishes and serve them. In the beginning the customers are few and everything is very easy. But as game progresses and the word goes around about the restaurant, more and more customers arrive and it becomes very difficult for you to serve them all or even take their orders.


The game also features strange or rather very unusual kitchens where you have to work. Sometimes there is a water stream that you have to jump across in order to cook and then jump back again to serve the dishes to your customers. There is a level where the kitchen is on top of one vehicle and the sitting arrangement for the customers is on top of another vehicle close by – you have to jump back and forth from one vehicle to another to finish the level, do the cooking and to serve the customers.

Overcooked can be played solo or you can play with four of your friends. As you progress, you will unlock many new levels and will be given new chef characters with their particular skills. You can enjoy Overcooked with your entire family sitting on your couch. It is really a great game for Sunday afternoons.

You can claim your free copy of Overcooked game from Epic Games Store at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/overcooked/home. The giveaway will last till 11th July 2019.