EduBirdie Grammar Check Finds Grammatical Mistakes Online

As a student, you want to write the best essays or reports and submit all of the grade A+ assignments. But if your grammatical skills are not strong, then you will barely make it to C because poorly structured sentences do not really appeal to the experienced eyes of the English teacher.

Good news is that you can exercise and learn by checking your writings, essays, paragraphs or other reports for any possible reports online. There is an online tool called EduBirdie Grammar Check that can examine your composition and find any grammatical mistakes that you could have made.

Edubirdie Grammar Check

EduBirdie Grammar Check can find following types of grammatical errors in your text:

  • Mismatching quantifiers
  • Tense errors
  • Inappropriate adverb-word and adjective-word order
  • Plural nouns after articles
  • Double negatives, subjects, and objects
  • Inaccurate aspect
  • Misplaced or absent auxiliaries
  • Collocation errors
  • Gerund errors
  • Epenthesis errors
  • Incorrect pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Mismatched verb and adjective agreement
  • Conditional statements related errors

Edubirdie Grammar Check

It is very easy to use EduBirdie Grammar Check for testing your text for errors. You simply have to visit their website, copy-paste your text in the provided field and then click on the Check Text button. This will instantly check your text for any grammatical mistakes. You must enter at least fifteen words of text for using this grammar checking tool.

The grammatical errors found in your text will be displayed to the side using a color code. Punctuation related errors are shown in yellow color. Clause errors are shown in blue color. And incorrect spelling is shown in the red color. On the side you are given options to correct the error by replacing a word by the correct word or by putting the words in the correct order. If you think that it is not a valid error, then you can choose to ignore the errors too.

You can use EduBirdie Grammar Check tool by visiting