How to Check if Your PC is Compatible with Mixed Reality

In the latest versions of Windows 10, Microsoft provides support for some of the head-mounted virtual reality devices. This support is provided in form of Mixed Reality platform that allows you to experience holographic and mixed reality (similar to augmented reality) with the help of your Windows PC. It supports many popular VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung HMD Odyssey etc. In addition, some manufacturers also make Mixed Reality specific devices, for example, Acer and ASUS both offer VR headsets designed specially for Windows Mixed Reality.

Before you can hook up your VR headset with your Windows 10 headset, you should check whether your computer has powerful enough hardware and configuration to support Windows Mixed Reality. First of all you have to ensure that your PC is running at least Windows 10 version 1607. For checking the version, you can press key combination Win+R, type in winver in the Run dialog and press Enter.

Windows Mixed Reality

After making sure that you are running Windows 10 version 1607 or above, you can proceed to download and install “Windows Mixed Reality PC Check” universal app from Microsoft Store. This app will check whether your computer is compatible with Mixed Reality. After an initial agreement screen, this app will scan various settings on your computer along with the hardware.

Windows Mixed Reality

There could be three outcomes of the scan – your PC is fully compatible, your PC is incompatible and your PC is almost there. If your PC is not compatible, then you cannot use Mixed Reality and you have to either invest in a new computer or new hardware parts. But if it says that your computer is almost there or nearly there, then your computer is lacking a few things only that can be easily upgraded. For example, if it lacks Bluetooth hardware, you can simple use a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle and make it Bluetooth ready.

You can install “Windows Mixed Reality PC Check” universal app from