Epic Games Store Gives Away “Torchlight” Action Game

To celebrate one full year of their successful game distribution platform, Epic Games Store is giving away one game every week this year. And in this progress, this week they are giving away an action dungeon-crawler game called Torchlight. The game will take you into a world of treasure hunters and strange creatures. You have to fight with dangerous creatures, collect the treasures and explore the newly discovered territory.

In this role-playing game, you begin by choosing one of the characters (there are three choices for all the players – Alchemist, Vanquisher and Destroyer). Each character has it special powers and gifts. As you choose these characters, you are displayed a complete description about them including their weaknesses.

Vanquisher, for example, can attack her enemies from a far distance using her arrows and bow. She can attack her enemies from all different sides. Destroyer on the other hand uses dual-welding blades to attack. Because of the choice of his weapons, he fights best in close combat and fights best when facing the enemy. Alchemist is not really a warrior and depends on the power of Ember. Using the powerful Ember, he can summon minions to help him and also finish off enemies from far away. You have to choose a character that is comfortable for your personal style of game play.

Torchlight Game

Unlike some other games when you know at which turn you will meet the monster, this game is designed to be always different when you play it. Every time you play the same level, it looks different. Monsters are placed in different random locations, it has different treasures to be collected and different hurdles to block your way. It has seven different environments which are randomized for you each time. This should keep you busy for months without getting tired of the same game setting.

You can claim your free copy of Torchlight game from Epic Games Store at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/torchlight/home. The giveaway will last till 18th July 2019.